Cool, Calm and Caffeinated

With so many amazing coffee shops in Lincoln, it’s impossible to not spill the beans on the perfect places to go no matter whether you’re looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee or looking to hangout. The Chocolate Season Chocolaterie & Espresso Cafe The coffee shop that runs one of Lincoln's…

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Bella's Best: The Mill Coffee & Tea

Woof woof! Hello fellow pups, it's your furry friend here, ready to share a pawesome experience from a recent visit to The Mill Coffee & Tea in my favorite city - Lincoln. As you may already know, I love to go on walks with my human, and we often stop at this cute little place for a break. As soon…

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What to do in Lincoln's Winter Wonderland

As the weather starts to get cold and pumpkin spice lattes turn into peppermint, a special side of Lincoln comes out. From the miles and miles of sparkling lights in every neighborhood to the special holiday events happening around every corner, there’s something for everyone in Lincoln’s Winter…

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