University Place

Artsy. Inspiring. Unexpected.

Welcome to University Place, Lincoln's artsy neighborhood near the beautiful Nebraska Wesleyan University campus. This vibrant district is brimming with creativity and charm, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences and unexpected delights Come, wander the streets, and let University Place ignite your senses and inspire your soul

Food & Drink

At the heart of University Place lies MoJava, a cozy coffee shop where locals gather to savor artisanal brews and engage in stimulating conversation. But the neighborhood's culinary scene doesn't stop there; it's also home to HF Crave, Leighton's Pub and the UNL Dairy Store, offering an irresistible selection of ice cream flavors, made fresh on-site.

Shopping & Entertainment

But perhaps the most captivating aspect of University Place is its colorful art presence. The Lux Center for the Arts serves as a creative hub, offering classes, workshops, and exhibitions that inspire and delight. Meanwhile, the EmergeLNK murals scattered throughout the area add a whimsical splash of color, turning virtually every corner into a canvas of creativity.

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