Unpretentious. Iconic. Nostalgic.

Nestled within Lincoln, the Havelock neighborhood emanates a distinct small-town charm amidst the urban sprawl. Its historic business district stands as a testament to its resilience, thriving with local shops and restaurants that have stood the test of time.

Food & Drink

Among these beloved establishments are staples like the Joyo Theater, Arnold’s Tavern, Misty's Steakhouse, and Isles Pub and Pizza, where community bonds are forged over shared meals and entertainment. However, it's not just about tradition; newcomers and locals alike flock to unique spots like Engine House Café, 1893 Coffee & Cream and Piqued Curiosities for a taste of the neighborhood's eclectic offerings. This nostalgic “city within the city” strikes a truly undeniable and harmonious balance between past and present.

Shopping & Entertainment

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