Free Things to do in Lincoln

Welcome to Lincoln, where affordable fun is always within reach! From exploring vibrant neighborhoods to enjoying museums, there's never a shortage of free activities to fill your leisure time. Discover the countless options that let you experience the best of Lincoln without breaking the bank.

Nebraska State Capitol

Open daily with free guided tours, the Nebraska State Capitol offers an exceptional way to learn about state history while enjoying panoramic city views.

Hyde Memorial Observatory

After a day outside, head to Holmes Lake Park's Hyde Memorial Observatory, where you can use high-powered telescopes to stargaze and enjoy free astronomy programs.

Sunken Gardens

Step into the Sunken Gardens, a floral paradise with meticulously maintained flower beds and serene water features, offering a tranquil escape with no admission fee.

Sheldon Museum of Art

The Sheldon offers the the chance to view prominent American art alongside its adjoining sculpture garden, providing visitors with complimentary access to both.

Peterson Pickleball Courts

For an active and social experience, head to Peterson Pickleball Courts, where enthusiasts of all levels can enjoy free access to the laid-back game of pickleball.

EmergeLNK Mural Tour

Stroll through the University Place Neighborhood, exploring vibrant murals by local artists and experiencing the city's creative essence while enjoying the outdoors.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

Miles of multi-use trails, playground areas, public art and the Pioneers Park Nature Center make Lincoln's oldest park the perfect place to spend a day in nature.

Haymarket Farmers Market

Embrace the vibrant atmosphere of Lincoln's Farmer's Markets, where you can find a delightful array of fresh produce and artisanal crafts from local vendors.