With so many amazing coffee shops in Lincoln, it’s impossible to not spill the beans on the perfect places to go whether you’re looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee or looking to hangout.

Canyon Coffee Roasters

This specialty coffee roaster isn't just your average joe. Dedicated to delivering top-notch coffee and exceptional service, they're on a mission to make your coffee dreams a reality.

Crescent Moon

Since 2001, Crescent Moon Coffee has been a beloved fixture in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket district, serving up a brew-tiful blend of coffee, paninis, crepes, wine and cocktails – because who says you can't have your latte and crepe too?

Crescent Moon

Harbor Coffeehouse

Ready to spice up your coffee game? Dive into the vibrant scene at Harbor Coffeehouse with two lively locations in Lincoln, NE! With an array of espresso drinks, specialty brews and delicious bites from breakfast to lunch, it's the perfect spot to cozy up.

Lincoln Espresso

Nestled in its snug quarters, this locally-owned coffee haven offers more than just a caffeine fix—it's a place to unwind, sip on a real fruit smoothie and play board games. Whether you're stopping by for a quick pick-me-up or settling in for a leisurely study session, Lincoln Espresso is the perfect spot to escape and recharge.

Meadowlark Coffee

Meadowlark is where community meets caffeine. This local coffee shop and bakery is focused on providing a great meeting place for important conversations as well as being socially responsible and sustainable.

Meadowlark Coffee

Mo Java Cafe

Sip, savor and start your day the Mo Java way! Whether you're craving a satisfying morning meal or a sweet pick-me-up, their menu of warm breakfast delights and scrumptious pastries has you covered.


From mouthwatering breakfast burritos to one-of-a-kind cereal milk lattes, Muchachos is the ultimate place to start your day!

NEW DAY Coffee + Smoothies

At NEW DAY, each cup signifies a fresh beginning! With locally roasted beans, real fruit smoothies and homemade treats, it's the perfect spot to kickstart your morning with a burst of flavor and a touch of sunshine.


Looking to experiment with your coffee order? Well, Reactor Coffee is perfect for you. With their signature “experiments”, these rotating drinks are often a wacky and delicious new drink for you to try.

Roastbusters Coffee

A unique coffee backpack allows Roastbusters to serve craft hot and cold brew coffee almost anywhere, as they tailor drinks and engage with offices, gatherings and other groups of people. Offering various interactive coffee experiences, they are perfect for coffee breaks, celebrations and other events.

Rock 'n' Joe

Since 1993, Rock 'n' Joe has been rocking the coffeehouse scene, offering a unique blend of rock & roll vibes and delicious treats. From aromatic coffee to delectable food and a selection of wine, Rock 'n' Joe is your go-to spot for a flavorful experience that hits all the right notes!

Scooter's Coffee

Scooter's Coffee is a drive-thru and sit-down specialty coffee business. This Nebraska-born company is best known for their world-class coffee, specialty espresso drinks, smoothies and pastries. 

Stories Coffee Company

Step into the heart of downtown Lincoln and discover Stories Coffee Co., nestled within the Union Bank Place building. With its modern vibe, ample seating and a mouthwatering menu featuring both breakfast and lunch items, it's the perfect spot to fuel up and unwind in style.

The Charging Station

Power up your day at The Charging Station! The Charging Station is not just a coffeehouse; it’s a community living room where friends, families, and neighbors gather to share stories, make memories and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and camaraderie.

The Chocolate Season

Indulge in more than just coffee at The Chocolate Season in Lincoln, NE. Treat yourself to the perfect pairing of a hand-blended coffee and a decadent chocolate delight. Sweetness perfected, all in one place.The Chocolate Season

The Coffee House

The Coffee House has been a staple in downtown Lincoln since 1987. From traditional brews to original concoctions, paired with a delectable assortment of pastries and savory treats from the in-house bakery, it's where flavor and history come together in perfect harmony.

The Mill Coffee & Tea

With its own on-site roastery, this coffeehouse is more than just a spot for a caffeine fix—it's an oasis for coffee aficionados and tea lovers alike.

Ziggi's Coffee

With a commitment to serving convenience and superior coffee paired with reliable service, Ziggi's invites you to experience the perfect cup, wherever you may roam.

1893 Coffee & Cream

Celebrate the rich history and enduring charm of Havelock at 1893 Coffee & Cream, where each cup is a nod to the neighborhood's incorporation 130 years ago.

1893 Coffee & Cream