Embrace the magic of a snow day in Lincoln as the city transforms into a sparkling winter wonderland. From the joyous laughter of sledding down hills to the cozy warmth of hot cocoa, each snowflake adds a touch of enchantment, turning the day into a snowy canvas of memories.

Mana Games

The forecast calls for a blizzard of board games and a flurry of fun. Let the day fly by, and the tabletop magic unfold at Mana Games Café. Grab a coffee and let your snow day be transformed into an epic quest filled with laughter, strategy, and the warmth of shared adventures.


Mana Games

Paint Yourself Silly

Transform your snow day at Paint Yourself Silly, where the canvas is whatever you want it to be. With brushes in hand and creativity in the air, let the snow inspire your inner artist for a whimsical day of painting the town white!


Paint Yourself Silly

Ice Skating

Embrace the chill and glide into winter wonder with Lincoln’s indoor skating at John Breslow Ice Hockey Center or outdoor skating at The Railyard. Grab some blades and get ready to glide, twirl, and spin, turning your snow day into a spectacle of frosty fun.

John Breslow

Prehistoric Putt

Embark on a prehistoric adventure, where the greens become the snowy stomping grounds for dino-sized fun. Let the laughter roar loud as you navigate through the obstacles, turning your snow day into a putt-tastic race to finish your round before the dinosaurs attack.

Prehistoric Putt

Robber’s Cave

Snuggle into your comfiest snow boots and embark on a frosty expedition at Robber’s Cave, where snowflakes dance in the air, and the cave offers a hideaway for chilly explorers. Let the snowflakes be your guide as you take a tour beneath the icy enchantment of Lincoln, turning your snow day into a whimsical journey through history.

Robbers Cave Tour

Hot Chocolate at The Chocolate Season

Warm up your frosty day with a cup of liquid joy at The Chocolate Season. Indulge in the chocolatey goodness, turning your snow day into a heartwarming sip of winter bliss that melts away the cold and fills your day with cocoa-covered cheer!

Chocolate Season

Get Outside

Grab your trusty sled and hit the slopes at Holmes Lake or the infamous Pioneers Park sledding chutes, where the hills become the ultimate sledding paradise. Let the giggles echo louder than sleigh bells as you slide down the snowy slopes, turning your winter day into a symphony of laughter and frosty thrills.