Living in a beef state, it’s never too hard to find a good steak or burger. And in Lincoln the only thing rare is how some people like their meat, not finding a good restaurant to enjoy it in. Here are some of our top picks to enjoy everything from prime rib to a wagyu burger.

Casa Bovina

Offering one of the most premium dining experiences in Lincoln, Casa Bovina offers exquisite Italian inspired cuisine paired with Nebraska beef. This upscale restaurant in Northeast Lincoln features an open kitchen so you are able to watch as they cook your dish full of certified Pidemontese Beef and quality local-sourced ingredients.

Casa Bovina

Honest Abe’s

Talking about beef in Lincoln wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the self-proclaimed “Greatest Burger Ever” or the many other burgers on the rotating menu at Honest Abe’s. With so many different combinations of what people put on their delicious beef patty, it’s not hard to see why Honest Abe’s is honestly a great place to go.

Honest Abe's Burger


With a wide selection of Waygu beef burgers, Charred Burger + Bar in South Lincoln is a can’t miss. Using the world-renowned Wagyu beef known for its intense marbling and paired with their quality ingredients leads to a great burger.

The Eatery

Want a casual comfortable atmosphere located in the middle of the Lincoln without wanting to sacrifice on any quality? The Eatery provides hand cut steaks and fresh ground burgers at any time of day in an atmosphere that’s perfect for any kind of occasion.


When talking about dining in Lincoln, it’s impossible not to mention Venue, and when it comes to beef, it’s no different. With certified angus beef that is hand-cut in-house, how would you not want to have more? Well Venue also offers their own seasoning and meats as part of their Venue at Home program.

Venue - Ribeye

H.F. Crave

Another place that you can enjoy fresh Nebraska beef, straight from the family ranch, is H.F. Crave. Originally starting in the farmer’s markets and now occupying a stand-alone restaurant at 48th and Holdrege this Lincoln restaurant is truly farm-to-table.


Located in the heart of the Haymarket, Leadbelly puts a contemporary culinary twist on the traditional bar and grill. With a cozy pub atmosphere and innovative food flavors, these burgers will have you coming back for more and more.


A true Lincoln classic, Misty’s has been serving up only the highest quality beef since 1965. With their special seasoning that’s sold nationally and an insistence on quality it’s not hard to see why they’ve been serving up their famous prime rib for over 50 years.


Single Barrel

Want something to help wash down all this beef? Well Single Barrel has a selection of over 200 bourbons and whiskies from around the world to pair with classics like Prime Certified Angus Beef steaks and freshly ground burgers. Named one of the Best Bourbon Bars by The Bourbon Review, there’s not a better place to enjoy some bourbon with some bone in ribeye.

Parkway Grill

This hidden gem is the perfect place for some fun with family or friends. Located inside the Parkway Lanes bowling alley, Parkway Pub offers great burgers that’ll help knock down your hunger just not that extra pin or two.

Norm's on 48th

Norm's is not your average convenience store. They are well known for their iconic Smashy Burgers that are only available Tuesday-Friday over the lunch hour.