Woof! Hi, fur-friends and human pals! Today, I'm super excited to share my paw-some experience at the Urban Hound Dog Park & Bar in Lincoln, Nebraska. Trust me, this spot is a dog's dream come true!

Urban Hound Dog Bar

As soon as my paws hit the ground at Urban Hound, I could tell this was no ordinary dog park. The first thing I noticed was the spacious and well-maintained play area. As a completely off-leash dog park, there's plenty of room to run, chase and wrestle with other pups without bumping into too many humans.

Bella's Best Urban Hound

Now, let's talk about the bar. Yes, you heard me right—a bar at a dog park! While we dogs are busy playing, our humans can relax with a cold drink. They serve a variety of craft beers, wines and even dog-themed cocktails. But that's not all—there's also a menu of tasty treats for us pups! From gourmet biscuits to dog-friendly ice cream, it's a snack haven. My humans love to sit at the picnic tables and watch me play while enjoying their drinks. It's a win-win for everyone!

Urban Hound Dog Bar

One of the best parts of Urban Hound is the social scene. I've made so many new furry friends here. The regulars are friendly, and there's always a new tail to sniff and a new buddy to chase. It's like a canine clubhouse where every dog is welcome. The humans are friendly too! It's a great place for them to meet other dog lovers, share tips and exchange funny stories about us fur babies.

Urban Hound

If you're in Lincoln, Nebraska, and looking for a place where both you and your human can have a great time, Urban Hound Dog Park & Bar is the place to be. It's got everything a dog could want: space to run, friends to play with, delicious treats and a fun atmosphere. Plus, it's a great spot for our humans to relax and enjoy themselves too.