Get ready to uncover cozy nooks, bustling literary hubs, and places where the love for books transcends the ordinary. Turn the page and let's explore the vibrant literary tapestry of Lincoln, one bookstore at a time!

Francie and Finch

Nestled in the historic Telephone Exchange Building, Francie and Finch is a literary oasis that transports you to another time. Explore a wide array of handpicked titles, from classics to hidden gems, and dive into their ever-changing art gallery, where creativity knows no bounds.

Francie and Finch Bookstore


Indigo Bridge

Indigo Bridge isn't just a bookstore; it's a community space dedicated to the arts. This vibrant shop offers a unique blend of new and used books, as well as a delightful café that serves fair-trade coffee and mouthwatering treats. Their focus on literary events and workshops makes Indigo Bridge an essential stop for both bookworms and creative minds.

Indigo Bridge

Bluestem Books

For lovers of secondhand books and literary treasures, Bluestem Books is a must-visit destination. This cozy bookstore specializes in used, rare, and out-of-print titles, offering a nostalgic journey through the world of literature. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere make it the perfect place to browse for hours on end.

A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea, situated in the heart of Lincoln, offers more than just a diverse collection of books; it's a literary haven with a unique twist. As you browse through their selection, you'll notice the welcoming presence of resident cats that add an extra layer of charm to your book-hunting experience.

Novel Idea

Elleinad Books

Located at the Lincoln Trade Center, Elleinad Books beckons young readers into a world of enchantment and wonder. It is a cozy haven that has shelves brimming with children’s literature.

Elleinad Books