Lincoln Trail-A-Thon 2020

Event Picture
Date: Jan 1 - Dec 31
Venue: Trails within the Lincoln city limits
Location: Citywide
Ticket Price: $25 Adult ages 19 & older, $10 Student ages 6-18
Time: Various hours

Welcome to Lincoln Trail-A-Thon 2021 The Lincoln Trail-A-Thon is a challenge to ride, run, jog or walk all the trails within the Lincoln city limits in 2021. When you finish you will have covered 78 miles of trails. In 2021, as you complete each trail section you'll record the accomplishment with us and receive a badge (a 2.25 inch diameter collectible trail button). We will also have monthly activities that are being developed and will be announced soon. Check out our website to see our first button designs with more coming in January! This fun challenge was started to inspire individuals to be healthier by getting outdoors to enjoy the amazing trails system in Lincoln. But even more, it is to (1) GIVE back, (2) EXPLORE new trails and (3) CONQUER a common goal. Visit our website to register. GIVE Again in 2021 the entry fee ($25 adult [19+] | $10 student [6-18]) will GIVE BACK to the Great Plains Trails Network (GPTN) to help expand the trail system in Lincoln and Lancaster County. EXPLORE Each month a different trail will be explored. You may choose to follow this plan or rearrange it to create a plan that fits your schedule. The plan was created to do two things, keep the exploration to a reasonable distance and keep trails grouped together based on location. Each month, a reminder of the month's featured trail(s), trail maps and monthly events will be emailed to Lincoln Trail-A-Thon participants. This will keep everyone moving in the same direction. Note: the urban limestone trails leading out of Lincoln are not included. For all social media, please use: #lnktrails2021. To review the Monthly Trail Plan check out our website. CONQUER While Trail-A-Thon is a self-directed, family friendly event, once you complete all 78 miles you will feel like you have conquered the challenge, And you won't be alone. We will all do it together. GIVE....EXPLORE.....CONQUER - Register today! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and remember to post about your trail experiences using #lnktrails2021.