HopCat's 12th Anniversary Party & Cosmik Fries Eating Contest

Event Picture
Date: Jan 25
Venue: HopCat
Location: 601 P Street
Time: 11am, 3pm Cosmik Fries Eating Contest
Phone: (402) 971-0700

We are celebrating 12 years since the O.G. HopCat opened in Downtown Grand Rapids, MI by thanking our guests for their support in the best way we know – beer and food! This year, we’ll be celebrating with an amazing line up of rare beers, free Cosmik Fries FOR EVERYONE from 11am-5pm, and our annual Cosmik Fries Eating Contest at 3pm! It’s a small way to show our appreciation for the past 12 years. Cheers to many more years of delicious food, great beer and even better times with the people we love! Cosmik Fries Eating Contest Details: We will award a prize to the person who eats the most Cosmik fries in 6 minutes. 1st Place - $500 HopCat Gift Card and HopCat swag 2nd Place - $100 HopCat Gift Card 3rd Place - $25 HopCat Gift Card The Contest Rules: *All contestants must be at least 18 years old. *All contestants will start with 2 lbs. of HopCat’s signature French fries: Cosmik Fries *We will bring out 1 lb. to the contestant as they finish the portion of fries placed in front of them. The current plate of fries must be completely empty before another portion of fries will be set in front of the contestant. *All contestants will start with a glass of water. The water is for drinking, not dunking. Dunking the fries in water will disqualify the contestant from the Contest. *At the end of the contest, we will weigh the fries left in front of each contestant and tally the total weight of fries consumed by each contestant. *The winners will be determined by the total weight of French fries consumed within the 6-minute period. *After the time has expired, the contestant can finish what is in their mouth. They will have 1 minute to do so. After 1 minute, they must put the uneaten portion on their plate to be weighed. If during that time period, they touch the food in their mouth with their hands or by other means, they must immediately put the uneaten food on their plate, regardless of how much bonus time is left. *Think you got what it takes to win?! *Email