Comedian David Louis

Event Picture
Date: Jan 26
Venue: The Zoo Bar
Location: 136 N. 14th Street
Ticket Price: $5
Time: 8-9:30pm
Phone: (323) 872-3283

David Louis loves wiffleball and has serious opinions about mustard. He has been described as the, "lasagna of comedy," because he has lots of layers, and is better the next day. He currently eats carnival food year-round in Chicago, fueling his high-paced, witty descriptions, that will have the whole audience reaching for their tums. Dive bars, a comedy club attached to a strip club, casinos with chain-smoking retirees, he’s performed at all of them. You might have also seen him at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, Hoboken Comedy Festival, Beast Village Comedy Festival in Des Moines, Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival in Columbus and Cream City Comedy Festival. He’s also worked with Micheal Ian Black, Matt Braunger, Stewart Huff, Joe Machi, Eddie Ifft, Mitch Fatel and Sean O’Donnell. In 2017 Milwaukee Magazine included David Louis in their “Best of” issue. This biography is the least funniest part of his act.