Dodgeball Tournament!

Event Picture
Date: May 17
Venue: Defy Gravity
Location: 345 Sporting Village Drive, Suite 1
Ticket Price: $10 per person (Teams of 4); Gravity Socks ($1.75) & Wristbands ($1.25) are sold separately at the door
Time: 6-8pm
Phone: (402) 817-6900

Dodge! Dip! Dive! Duck! & JUMP! Take a twist on dodgeball and experience trampoline dodgeball at Defy Gravity! WHEN: Thursday, May 17th from 6pm-8pm. Please arrive 20 minutes early. The first game will start promptly at 6:15pm. WHERE: Defy Gravity - Lincoln off of 3rd and Van Dorn. - 345 Sporting Village Drive Ste #1 68502 THE DETAILS: -Teams of 4, $10 per person. Select a team name. -Call 402-817-6900 x2 for advanced registration to guarantee a spot. The registration payment of $42.90 is due at this time. -Gravity Socks ($1.75) & Wristbands ($1.25) are sold separately at the door. -Participants must be at least 13 years of age. -Online Waiver Required. Update/Complete: Ages 19 and older can complete their own waiver. Ages 18 and younger must have their parent or legal guardian complete the waiver. -When you're not up to play, you still have access to jump on the Deck (Open Jump, Free Fall, Dunk City). WINNING TEAM: Receives pizza & passes to Defy Gravity! CAN'T MAKE IT THIS NIGHT? -Follow these same guidelines and give us a call to schedule a private dodgeball weeknight event for your group! Minimum of 4 teams required. RULES: YOU ARE OUT IF: -You are hit with a ball anywhere on your body. -You throw a ball and someone on the opposing team catches it. – No one comes back in on a catch. -You cross the center boundary, including reaching over for the ball. -You argue with the referee. -You use any inappropriate language. -You throw a ball, it is deflected off a player's body and another opposing team player catches the ball. -Once you are out, you are out for the rest of the game. WHEN YOU ARE OUT: -Stand by the wall. OTHER RULES: -Each team starts on opposite walls. -Each team starts with 2 balls. -Only 1 person is out per throw. -A ball is deemed dead once it touches anything, besides a player. -Referees have final say. -No headshots are allowed. -You may use a ball to deflect incoming throws. -Two teams will play for 6 minutes. Whichever team gets the most wins after the 6 minutes, wins the round. -If a game is tied at the end of 6 minutes, the team with the most remaining players, wins that round. -Double Elimination. SPACES ARE LIMITED - REGISTER NOW!