Great Plains Art Museum presents Wayfaring Strangers

Event Picture
Date: Sep 2 - Dec 17
Venue: Great Plains Art Museum
Location: 1155 Q Street
Ticket Price: Free admission
Time: 10am-5pm Tues.-Sat.
Phone: (402) 472-6220

"In the fall of 2020 after months of isolation due to the pandemic, I decided to create high quality large format portraits of people who, like me, hadn’t seen anyone socially in many months. The work was done in a backyard natural light alcove that I built, which harkened back to typical nineteenth-century portrait settings. I posted an invitation on Facebook hoping for a few takers. In the end 93 people participated. Most were enthusiastic about a safe distance visit and having a nice picture or two. But as we talked it became clear to me that there was a lot going on emotionally for all of us. You won’t find many of those conversational details in the self-reported statements accompanying the images. But the content of those brief masked conversations is and was compelling. And the sharing of those intimate details is the biggest reward for the effort for me. Folks told me things that I wouldn’t pass on just like the priest is bound to silence of what passes across the screen of the confessional. I’m grateful for the trust and the shared stories. And so together we made a ritual of making an image of these times written on these bodies and faces, “an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace…” A sacrament in light struck silver." —Michael Farrell