Piecing Together the Past Exhibit

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Date: Jan 1 - Dec 31
Venue: Nebraska History Museum
Location: 131 Centennial Mall, North
Ticket Price: $5 Adults (19 & over), $3 Youth (ages 5-18), Free for children under 5
Time: 9am-4pm Tues. & Wed., 9am-8pm Thurs., 9am-4pm Fri. & Sat.
Phone: (402) 471-4782

Many thousands of people lived their lives in Nebraska. They left no written records and we don't know their names or stories. But they left clues. Starting November 22nd, the Nebraska History Museum explores Nebraska's deep past with our newest exhibit, Piecing Together the Past: An Exhibit Exploring 13,000 Years of History with Nebraska's Archeologists. Archeologists are like detectives, finding clues that tell a meaningful and compelling story. Piecing Together the Past will take you on an incredible journey through Nebraska's history, highlighting the clues discovered over decades of searching. The exhibit will also introduce you to the archeologists who have dedicated their careers to exploring the unknown and have helped to tell our state's unique story. See this fascinating new exhibit beginning on November 22nd at the Nebraska History Museum! Generous support for the exhibit provided by the Nebraska Department of Transportation, National Park Service, and the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation.