LUX Center for the Arts presents Feathers and Flocks

Event Picture
Date: Sep 9 - Jan 4
Venue: LUX Center for the Arts
Location: 2601 N 48th St.
Ticket Price: Free
Time: 12-6pm Tues.-Fri., 10am-5pm Sat.
Phone: (402) 466-8692

Given their colorful diversity, expressive behavior, graceful movements, and symbolic possibilities it is not surprising that birds are a popular subject for artists. Animal-loving artists often turn to avian subjects for inspiration, seeking new and innovative ways to capture their unique coloring, fascinating patterns, and distinctive silhouettes. This is evident in this selection of bird prints that demonstrates a variety of styles, media, and approaches to this subject. Among artists included in Feathers & Flocks are Pablo Picasso, Gordon Grant, John Winkler, and Hiroshige Andō. You may view this exhibition of artists’ portrayal of birds on the second floor of the Lux Center in the Lux Print Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Susan Soriente, curator of the Gladys Lux Print Collection.