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Chamber Releases Lincoln, Nebraska Mobile Web App

Lincoln Branding Initiative Drives Chamber to Release New Mobile App for Lincoln

Lincoln residents and visitors should prepare to see a new Lincoln, Nebraska mobile web app available on all smart phones October 9.

Over the past year, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Nelnet and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has been working to create a mobile web app that will showcase the best of Lincoln for all to discover, access and share. The Lincoln, Nebraska app lets organizations, residents and students share the best places and events in Lincoln, and acts as a daily tool for finding the nearest places for things they need. The app is a must-have for any visitor to guide them around the city. 

“Lincoln is experiencing more growth than ever before. Our city is flourishing with exciting new places to eat, shop and explore and it’s only the beginning,” said Wendy Birdsall, President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. “We are thrilled to be providing Lincoln with a web app that will guide residents and visitors around the community and empower them to stay up-to-date on all of Lincoln’s best offerings.”

The new Lincoln, Nebraska web app is scheduled to launch at 10 a.m. on Wednesday. In addition to being user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, the app will include a number of features to enable residents and visitors to get out and explore Lincoln. Upcoming events will be prominently placed under the Events tab; all users will be able to add events to their personal calendars. The Places tab will highlight Lincoln’s local dining scene, entertainment venues, and art galleries among others, providing GPS functionality to help residents and visitors locate the places they want to experience.

The Lincoln Brand, designed to visually steer Lincoln’s momentum, motivated the Chamber and its partners to create a brilliant mobile web app for the community. For detailed instructions on how to access the web app and add it to your home screen, visit