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Vega to Open Doors in Coming Months

What was once just a play on ideas will soon become a reality to four long-standing music supporters. Vega, a new entertainment venue, will open its doors within the next few months to the Railyard, which is south of the arena. The space will take on multiple roles; it will act primarily as a music venue but isn’t short to offer an innovative menu and bar, either.

The co-owners, Jeremy Buckley, Eli and Carrie Mardock and Jeremy Wardlaw, each have come to recognize Lincoln’s potential through their various roles in the music scene itself. Eli, who formed Eagle Seagull and now runs a solo career, has gained experience touring with his wife, Carrie. Both have made numerous connections with tour managers and agents all over.  Buckley is the founder of the Lincoln Calling festival and has experience in working at the Bourbon while Wardlaw has experience in managing Duffy’s. Collectively, they hold a solid resume of experience in the music industry and what it takes to manage a successful business and music venue.

The space, which holds up to 500 people, will feature music four to five nights a week. Patrons looking for an alternate spin on classic food items can turn towards Vega for a bite, as well. “The menu is a new twist on classic dishes including hot dogs, wedge salads and soups,” said Eli who has been crafting the menu for two years now. 

Vega’s eccentric food options are just one of the ways the venue hopes to differentiate itself. And by staying true to their vision, they hope to provide a space where everyone feels welcome. “It’s not necessarily a competition between Lincoln and Omaha or the venues that reside in both. If we do a good job at promoting and offer a great experience, bands will want to stop in Lincoln and Omaha,” said Carrie.

When asked about specific events, “All of us have bands that we would love to host, but we’re not limiting ourselves to anything up and coming, either.”  

The owners are quick to support the growth they find themselves centered around. They hope the visiting acts will come to discover Lincoln’s admirable social support just as much as they have within the past year. Eli has seen the demand and recognizes that there are various venues doing a great job, “I think we’re going to be one more venue, just taking it to the next level.  We want to help Lincoln and Nebraska become a destination city for premium music.”

Vega is located in new West Haymarket development and will open its doors later this fall. For more information on the venue and its upcoming performances, visit