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LCM Announces Major Exhibit Donation, Re-Opening Date

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Aftan Reinsch
Marketing and Communications Manager, Lincoln Children’s Museum
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LCM Announces Major Exhibit Donation, Re-Opening Date
Taking lemons and making LCMonade, the Lincoln Children’s Museum re-opens!
The Lincoln Children’s Museum (LCM) has been closed for COVID and then construction since November of 2020. While waiting out the red dial phase of late 2020 and early 2021 they were approached by several generous donors from Lincoln and surrounding communities who wanted to help provide Lincoln with some of the best early learning opportunities the state could offer to combat the impacts of COVID on youth development.  The National Arbor Day Foundation (NADF) was one of those donors. 
LCMs newest exhibit, Exploring Trees – Inside AND Out has made a huge impact on the museum's landscape transforming about half of their lower level. Originally created and owned by the National Arbor Day Foundation (NADF) this once traveling exhibit has recently been planted right here in Lincoln at LCM.
“Trees are more important than ever for our world, and we are excited to help children discover the role of trees in nature through this engaging exhibit. The Arbor Day Foundation has called Lincoln home for nearly 50 years, and through this donation, we celebrate the community and great work of the Lincoln Children's Museum”, stated Dan Lamb, President of the Arbor Day Foundation.
To celebrate the exhibit, and the generosity of NADF, the Lincoln Children’s Museum is kicking off a bright, cheery, lemonade themed re-opening and begins tomorrow, May 1st.
“The weather is great, our updates are done, and we’re ready to welcome families back to the museum to resume the play and learning that we know are so, so important to the early childhood development and education of a group of kiddos that have spent a sizeable percentage of their life in pandemic surroundings”, shared Tara Knuth, Executive Director of the Lincoln Children’s Museum.
You can reserve museum tickets ahead of time at for quick and easy check in, or admission can be paid upon arriving at the museum.  All current DHMs will be followed and health and safety continues to be the priority of the museum.