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Lincoln CVB, DLA and UNL Athletic Department Introduce the “City of Red”

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August 31, 2020

Lincoln CVB, DLA and UNL Athletic Department Introduce the “City of Red”

LINCOLN, Neb. – On the heels of the Big Ten’s recent postponement of fall sports, the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau, University of Nebraska Athletic Department and Downtown Lincoln Association invite fans to keep the tradition of game days alive in Lincoln.

On Saturdays in Lincoln and across our state, we wear red – not only for our teams, but for our community. Red displays our passion, inspires us and most importantly, unites us. Though football season is cancelled, our Husker spirit is not lost.

“With many Husker fans’ calendars already containing holds for game day weekends this fall, it is time to be creative and explore new means of game day weekends in Lincoln,” said Jeff Maul, executive director of the Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Lincoln stepped up in the spring to help our restaurant sector and now it is our turn to continue to dine out, but also help our hospitality and small business partners across the city.”

“Downtown Lincoln thrives on energy, and our resilient businesses are up to the task of keeping our community safe and entertained during this Fall season,” added Todd Ogden, president and CEO of the Downtown Lincoln Association.

The concept of the “City of Red” is to fill the streets of Lincoln with Husker pride this fall. Our fans need it, our businesses need it and our community needs it. The desire to share the game day experience with others did not disappear once live football was taken away -- it remains stronger than ever. Now is the time to wear red, make plans and recreate the game day vibe we all love. Lincoln restaurants, bars and lodging facilities are eager to welcome guests and a unique Husker season is within reach.

“The financial impact of no Husker football this fall is significant. The “City of Red” campaign is an excellent idea and I encourage all of our fans to support our local economies in a safe and responsible way, while keeping our Husker spirit thriving in our communities,” said Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos.

There is something powerful about a city painted red, and the opportunities are endless. The “City of Red” initiative encourages the community to explore options for keeping this important tradition alive, including:

Local businesses are encouraged to tune in to the various Husker programming offered on digital, radio and TV platforms, including:

  • Huskers Facebook Page will stream classic Husker games each Saturday, with a specific schedule of games to be released in the weeks ahead.
  • Husker Sports Network will be reliving the 1994 National Championship season on Saturdays from September 12 – December 5 at 1:00 pm, including live pregame, halftime and postgame shows featuring Husker Sports Network talent, players from that era and Coach Tom Osborne.
  • Big Ten Network will re-air classic Husker games each Saturday beginning September 5th, including:
Week AiringLinear Time BroadcastGameDigital Time Broadcast
18:00 PM(CFB) Nebraska Football Classic #21 Oklahoma at Nebraska - 10/27/01 (R)5:00 PM
21:00 PM(CFB) Nebraska Football Classic #19 Nebraska at Missouri - 11/8/97 (R)2:00 PM
35:00 PM(CFB) Nebraska Football Classic #22  Colorado at Nebraska - 11/29/96 (R) 6:00 PM
410:00 PM(CFB) Nebraska Football Classic #15 Nebraska at Penn State - 11/23/13 (R)7:00 PM

Wear red and support your favorite Lincoln restaurant with friends, rediscovering the unique pockets of our community on “game day”.

Why limit the fun to just one day? The Lincoln CVB’s “Get a Room” marketing campaign urges residents to book a hotel room and enjoy a weekend in Lincoln.

Featured specials will be promoted throughout the season at downtown Lincoln retail outlets and across the city.

Every individual and business can play a role in recreating game day Saturdays in Lincoln. The Lincoln CVB, DLA and the University of Nebraska Athletic Department will soon launch, a comprehensive list of not only what has been mentioned above, but also other events that are scheduled within our community. In addition, the site provides members of the community with the unique opportunity to submit new ideas. All Husker fans are encouraged to share their input to further support the “City of Red” initiative.

We are Nebraska. And on game days, we wear red. #CityOfRed

For more information, contact:
Chris Whitney, Communications Coordinator, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce at (402) 436-2376,