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Lancaster Event Center and Lincoln, Nebraska selected to host international RV convention

For Immediate Release: 12/16/19

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Lancaster Event Center and Lincoln, Nebraska

selected to host international RV convention in August 2020

The Lancaster Event Center fairgrounds in Lincoln, Nebraska has been selected by the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), the world’s largest RV association, to host its 102nd International Convention and RV Expo to be held August 26-29, 2020.  This is the first FMCA convention to be held in Nebraska, making Nebraska the 34th state added to this active group’s twice-a-year international convention schedule for over 150,000 active members.

It’s an interesting story how this unusually late booking for an international event brought Lincoln to be considered. The Lancaster Event Center (LEC) is completing an expansion of its campground to over 1,250 sites put in motion by winning the contract for the National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR) for four of the next eight years starting in July 2020.  News of this campground expansion attracted the FMCA leadership’s attention who made several visits this summer, several unannounced, to get to know the LEC facility and to think about working Lincoln, Nebraska into their international convention rotation in future years.

“We were already talking with FMCA about working Lincoln into their rotation maybe in 2023 but the group came to us a couple weeks ago to ask us to bid on their August 2020 convention which had another state host location fall through at the last minute,” commented Amy Dickerson, Managing Director.

Lincoln was quickly selected as a finalist along with one other host city and in the end won the bid for this event projected to attract more than 2,000 RVs and hundreds of staff and vendors to run the trade show, entertainment, seminars and social gatherings during the event for approximately 5,000 attendees. 

As happens at most facilities, the FMCA will be setting up generator-powered electric service for additional RVs in the 160-acre fairgrounds parking lots to reach the 2000+ capacity needed for their event and arranging trucks to provide water and dumping services.  The group reports they won’t know the final number of RV registrations in this new, central location until a couple months in advance but anticipate great interest in a new location with all the attractions of the Lincoln area in addition to its central location.

“The ability for the Lancaster County Ag Society to rent out what was undeveloped former corn fields on the eastern side of our grounds will add a profitable source of revenue to help us maintain the LEC fairgrounds for the annual Super Fair and year-round use by hundreds of 4-H, FFA youth and over 500,000 visitors to our 325 local, regional and national events while driving great economic impact for our county,” commented Ag Society Vice President Kendra Ronnau. 

The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau supported Lancaster Event Center through this quick, unplanned bid process to help secure this group for Lincoln which will impact local hotels, restaurants, retail shopping and attractions.  FMCA reports that past economic impact studies for similar sized international conventions have shown economic impact of $10-15 million to local and state economies.

“The Lancaster Event Center continues to attract high-quality and well-attended events and the FMCA Convention and RV Expo is just another example of a great facility providing great worth to Lincoln and Lancaster County,” commented Jeff Maul, Executive Director & VP of the Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau. “With thousands of visitors ready to come to Lincoln next year for the National High School Finals Rodeo and now the FMCA Convention, the Lancaster Event Center is set to host premier events during the busy summer travel season, adding a tremendous boost to our hotels, restaurants and attractions. We are excited to see these events in our backyard at the Lancaster Event Center in 2020.”

With this FMCA event booking, the new Lancaster Event Center national event campground will be used fully two times in its inaugural 45 days. 

Fortunately for the LEC team which will now be hosting four facility-wide events from mid-June through August, the FMCA convention will be relatively self-supporting compared to other events due to many volunteers and an event services company that travel with the FMCA to handle parking, cleanup, custom setups of everything from extra electric inside and out to tables and chairs. 

“FMCA arrives a couple weeks after our annual fair, so we’ll get the grounds cleaned up and then during the international RV convention just help keep the facility clean and provide full food & beverage service versus running major components of events like the NHSFR and the Lancaster County Super Fair,” said Dickerson.

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The Lancaster Event Center (LEC) is the county fairgrounds located on the east side of Lincoln, Nebraska and known as the Midwest’s premier multi-use facility and home of the Lancaster County Super Fair with over 320 other events annually. Key features include 400,000 square feet across five inter-connected buildings, full catering and food/beverage service, multiple advertising/naming sponsorship opportunities, 200-site campground growing to over 1,250 sites with water/electric hookups by July 2020, and a 160-acre fairgrounds with ample, convenient parking. Opened in 2001 by the Lancaster County Agricultural Society, the Lancaster Event Center (LEC) is a public facility that operates as a public, independent county-level political subdivision and 501(c)(3) non-profit.  The Ag Society is celebrating 150 years of county fair in 2020 in its mission under Nebraska State Law to be a key contributor to Lancaster County’s youth, culture and economy by providing a professional, friendly and fun experience at the LEC fairgrounds while striving to engage the community in the unique agricultural heritage of Lancaster County for years to come. For additional information, visit or contact the media contact above.

FMCA RV Club Announces Dates For Future RV Expos

The RV owners group reveals plans to host events in Arizona, Nebraska, Georgia, and Wyoming.

Cincinnati, Ohio — Preparations are in the works and registrations are coming in strong for the FMCA RV Club’s 101st International Convention and RV Expo — “Sunsets + Saguaros” — set to take place at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona, March 26 through 29, 2020.

The RV owners association, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, also has announced plans for the 102nd International Convention and RV Expo. Members will flock to the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, August 26 through 29, 2020. This will be the first international convention the RV owners group has conducted in the state of Nebraska.

“We’re excited to be adding a new state to the list of those that have hosted an FMCA International Convention and RV Expo,” said FMCA national president Jon Walker. “Nebraska will be the 34th state on the list. The Lancaster Event Center is a first-class facility that should meet our needs well.”

“The Lancaster Event Center is a nationally recognized facility that has five interconnected buildings set on 160 acres. That will give us plenty of room for RV parking, seminars, indoor and outdoor exhibits, and all of the other activities associated with an FMCA event,” said Doug Uhlenbrock, FMCA events director. “Plus, Lincoln is a vibrant capital city, and RV families and exhibitors will be able to explore all that it and the surrounding area have to offer.”

Registration for the Nebraska convention will begin on February 26, 2020.

Looking beyond 2020, FMCA has set dates and locations for other upcoming events.

RV owners can mark their calendars for two events at what to date is FMCA’s most popular venue — the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Perry, Georgia, which has hosted 11 FMCA conventions since 1996. FMCA’s 103rd International Convention and RV Expo will take place there March 10 through 13, 2021, and the 107th International Convention and RV Expo also is set for Perry, March 15 through 18, 2023.

In addition, FMCA has scheduled a trio of events for another destination that has proven popular with FMCA members: Cam-Plex Multi-Event Facilities in Gillette, Wyoming, which has hosted two FMCA RV expos in recent years. The future Cam-Plex dates are as follows: July 7 through 10, 2021, 104th International Convention and RV Expo; July 17 through 20, 2024, 110th International Convention and RV Expo; July 14 through 17, 2027, 116th International Convention and RV Expo.

More dates and locations will be added as plans progress.

Meanwhile, all RV owners are invited to join the fun at “Sunsets + Saguaros” in Tucson, March 26 through 29, 2020. Various registration options are available online at or by calling (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622.


FMCA is the world’s largest not-for-profit association for recreation vehicle (RV) owners. The organization maintains its national headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently has more than 150,000 active members. FMCA offers its members a number of benefits, including a subscription to its monthly magazine, Family RVing; a medical emergency and travel assistance program valued at $200-plus per family; a tire purchasing program; group rates on a roadside assistance program, RV and auto insurance, RV tours and caravans; and discounts on mobile internet access plans from Verizon and Sprint. Perhaps the most important benefit of FMCA membership is the camaraderie and friendships that develop among people enjoying the common interest of RV travel. For more information, visit or call (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622.