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Saro Cider wins Cidercraft Magazine Double Gold Award for Wood-aged cider


December 6, 2019

SARO Cider in Lincoln, Nebraska, is the recipient of the Double Gold Award of the 2019 CIDERCRAFT MAGAZINE COMPETITION in their wood-aged cider category.  SARO’s Marmara Cider was the winning entry. Marmara Cider is named for one of the oldest cherry producing regions on earth.  In this small batch cider, tart cherries met Nebraska apple juice and native Nebraska yeast. The cider was aged in whiskey barrels to perfectly balance the sweet and the dry. Meriwether Cider Company Hardwood Normandy and Blake’s Hard Cider Company Barrel Reserve Wild Blueberry tied for the Gold Medal Award.

With a heightened focus on North American cider, CIDERCRAFT publishes three times a year and touches over 100,000 readers per release, tapping into the insight of the trade and call of the consumer in each issue. We profile the artisans behind the craft alongside the powerhouses that produce for the public, while exploring the regions and orchards, meeting the movers and shakers in the industry, listing original cocktail recipes from industry bar chefs and match professional pairings with cider-friendly cuisine.

Privately owned and operated by Sip Ventures, the publishers behind the award-winning regional beverage publication Sip Northwest, CIDERCRAFT is the first and only national publication dedicated to cider. CIDERCRAFT devotes itself to shining a light on the evolution and resurgence of one of the oldest beverages on the continent, bringing both education and appreciation of the drink to the people.

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SARO Cider owners Paige Duncan, Jonathan Henning, Tracy Sanford, and Matt Wood, along with President of Operations/owner, Eric Leyden, opened SARO Cider September 21, 2018.

Saro Cider produces unfiltered craft cider in their facility at 18th and N Streets in Lincoln. Their tasting room features a variety of seasonal craft ciders as well as appetizers. The founders built the company from a common love for travel and adventure. Each cider is named for a destination descriptive of their wanderlust. While recognizing the destination is always exciting, they encourage everyone to chart a new course and enjoy the journey. Saro Cider is located 1746 N Street and more information can be found at

Contact Eric Leyden at or 541-390-1235 for more information.