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Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm; Sunday: Closed during summer months.

Man are we OLD

That’s right, we are OLD!  Over 100 years old and frankly we’re a little proud of that.  We’ve learned a lot since 1912. 

We’ve learned that when you love something, it really isn’t work.  We’ve learned that rain brings blooms and bright green grass.  We’ve learned that no matter how long and cold the winter, you can always count on spring.

In a world where everything is about fast service, we like to think that we have learned that fast service isn’t always the best service.  There’s something to be said for taking your time and doing things right.   

How our deep Lincoln roots translate into a better landscape for you.

There’s just something about Lincoln. Friendly people. Clean air. Good schools. Lots of clay in the soil.

Okay, maybe we’re more sensitive than most to that last one. But the fact is, each and every community is uniquely different. Whether you’re talking architecture, people, or—yes—even soil type.

Since 1912, Campbell’s has been firmly planted in the city of Lincoln. We don’t operate a string of garden centers throughout the country, or even through the Midwest. Which means, over the last one hundred years, we’ve grown pretty attached to this community.  And we’ve come to understand and accept the —shall we say— unique properties of the soil around here. Not to mention the weather patterns.

And long, long ago, we figured out you couldn’t just take a plant or tree grown in another state, ship it in, and figure it will work in these parts. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. And you just can’t run a landscaping or gardening business on luck. At least you can’t for long.

So, years ago, Campbell’s invested in the soil of Lincoln. Starting first with nine acres near 40th and Normal. Then adding 240 acres at 56th and Pine Lake Road. And in 2005, adding 234 more east of town. On this land, Campbell’s grows its very own plant and tree stock.  That way, when you purchase a Campbell’s flower or shrub or tree, you’ll know it’s going to be successful. After all, it faced the same challenging soil and weather conditions with us that it will face with you. The exact same.  It’s why Campbell’s can offer a guarantee on all perennials, trees, and shrubs.  A guarantee that those same plants have been tested and approved by our expert staff for optimum performance in your back yard.  After all, in a way, it came from there in the first place.