Restaurants Directory

Coffee Trader

1200 N Street #221 (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68508

Hours:  Monday -Saturday  8 am - 2 pm; Closed Sunday

Colby Ridge

multiple locations
6940 Van Dorn St (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68506
48th & Pioneers Blvd (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68504

At Colby Ridge, we're obsessed with making sure every one of our kernels is the best popcorn you've ever tasted. Our signature quality comes from only using the finest ingredients at every step of the process, starting with the corn. Luckily, we're in the heart of the Corn Belt, so we know the care and attention only small, family farmers can put into every ear of corn. Our time-tested family recipe secrets are not to be trifled with either. We take the time to guarantee our flavors are infused in every bite, because we know you'll notice. Colby Ridge popcorn is always popped fresh, and packaged to lock in the flavor. So go ahead, indulge! We won't tell anyone.


Cold Stone Creamery

2910 Pine Lake Rd. (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68516

 Hours: Sunday - 10 pm; Monday - Thursday 11 am - 10 pm; Friday - Saturday 11 am - 11 pm

The world's best ice cream and ice cream cakes made fresh daily in every store. Once you try it…you "gotta have it!" It's the ultimate ice cream experience!

Cookie Company

multiple locations
138 N 12th St (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68508
6100 O St. #66 (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68505

A family owned business since 1981, that takes pride in producing homemade, delicious cookies. Two lincoln locations; one at 12th and P and another located in Gateway Mall.

 138 N 12th St

Cook's Café

1300 N 66th (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68505

Hours:  Monday - Saturday 6 am - 2 pm; Sunday 8 am - 2 pm 

Casual, full-service café featuring breakfast all day. Find us on facebook.

Coop's Corner Bar & Grill

4947 Holdrege St (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68504
Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 11 am-11 pm; Friday-Saturday 11 am - 2 am; Sunday 12 pm - 8 pm; Closed Monday

Come try some of our favorites we think you'll enjoy!


Copal Progressive Mexican Cuisine

4747 Pioneers Blvd. Ste. 300 (Get directions)
Lincoln, Ne 68506

Hours: Sunday -Thursday 11 am - 9 pm; Friday - Saturday 11 am - 10 pm; Closed Monday

Copal Progressive Mexican Cuisine blends traditional Mexican flavors with modern culinary techniques. Signature dishes include Chiles En Nogada, Enmoladas, Duck Tamales, Tilapia Tacos, Carne Asada Flat Iron Steak, and of course, fresh Churros! Tequila and Mezcal Bar with an array of margaritas and cocktails, wine and beer. Enjoy your visit! 


Corky Canvas

3700 S 9th St #C (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68502

For Hours & Events:

Join us at The Corky Canvas, where you're sure to uncork your creativity! We're Nebraska's first "paint and wine" studio. This unique concept is just what Omaha and Lincoln need for a FUN night out! With a glass of wine in one hand, a paintbrush in the other and the music rock'n, it's a great way to spend time with friends and paint your very own masterpiece.


Country Sliced Ham

6900 O Street (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68510

Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 5:30 pm; Closed Saturday & Sunday

Country Sliced Ham is now Lincoln's only ham store. We spiral slice our hams and then we honey glaze the hams. Our ham is smoked and ready to eat or can be heated. We also have a deli and catering. We also sell Cetaks Sausage, Grace's Mustard and Country Sliced Ham Branded pickled asparagus, dilly bean's, olives, beet's etc. We use Nebraska vender's when possible and are locally owned and operated.


Course at Southeast Community College

8800 O St. (Get directions)
Lincoln, NE 68516
Phone: 402-437-2727

Currently serving lunch & dinner on Thursdays.              Lunch Seating: 1:15 - 11:30; Dinner Seating: 6:30pm - 7 pm

For reservations, email 

Brandon Harpster, director of SCC’s Great Plains Culinary Institute, said the goal is to provide the public an experience comparable to what they may enjoy at Billy’s or Dish, while, at the same time, train students in the culinary arts.

“Fine dining is the most challenging,” he said. “What the students learn here will translate to all sorts of dining.”

Expect hours to expand mid-July offering lunch Monday - Thursday.