Keeper Corner

Event Picture
Date: May 18 - May 22
Venue: Online - Lincoln Children's Zoo Facebook Page
Location: Online - Lincoln Children's Zoo Facebook Page
Time: 3pm
Phone: (402) 475-6741

If you can't come to the Zoo, we'll bring the Zoo to you! Keeper Corner is a brand new Facebook video series. Zookeepers will talk about the animals they take care of giving viewers the opportunity to connect with and learn about animals even if you can't be at the Zoo. Videos will be posted to Facebook at 3 p.m. and will be posted to the website shortly after. Watch each video then download and complete the activity. Hey, Kids! Earn a FREE ice cream cone for connecting with Lincoln Children's Zoo each day! Here's how: • Print out the punch card • Watch Keeper Corner at 3pm, M-F • Complete the daily activity • Have a parent sign off on your card • Bring in your punch card for a FREE ice cream cone! Visit their website to download the punch card.