A Bread Factory - Part Two

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Date: Mar 8 - Mar 14
Venue: Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Location: 313 N. 13th Street
Ticket Price: See website for ticket information
Time: Showtimes for the upcoming week are published on Tuesdays. Please check back for additional times as they are added.
Phone: (402) 472-5353

Opening at The Ross on Friday, March 8, epic yet intimate, A BREAD FACTORY, PART ONE and A BREAD FACTORY, PART TWO delivers the sprawling storytelling and nourishing drama audiences might expect from its imposing title. “A BREAD FACTORY” has an immense cast, a deliberate pace and thematic ambition to spare - but it also has a ground-level, plain-spoken modesty that renders it hypnotic. –Bilge Ebiri, The New York Times The distinctive premise of Patrick Wang's new film, “A BREAD FACTORY,” is matched by the audacity and the originality with which he realizes it. –Richard Brody, New Yorker A warm and prickly humanist triumph that features no movie stars, disperses its attention across a large ensemble and feels meticulously handcrafted in every respect. –Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times A BREAD FACTORY, PARTS ONE & TWO are showing at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center on Friday, March 8 through Thursday, March 14. Show times are available at, by consulting your newspaper, or by calling the MRRMAC film information line at 402.472.5353. This program is being presented with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment. A BREAD FACTORY, PART ONE: FOR THE SAKE OF GOLD A community arts center fights for survival when a celebrity couple—performance artists from China—build an enormous complex down the street catapulting big changes in their small town. Forty years ago, Dorothea and Greta moved to the town of Checkford and bought an abandoned bread factory. They transformed it into an arts space. Here they host movies, plays, dance, exhibits. All types of artists visit. It’s where civic groups and immigrant communities can meet, where there are after school programs for children. Now a celebrity couple—performance artists from China—have come to Checkford. They’ve constructed a huge building, the FEEL Institute, down the street. It is a strange sight for a small town. Dorothea and Greta learn about a new proposal to give all the funding from the school system for their children’s arts programs to the FEEL Institute. Without this funding, the Bread Factory would not survive. They quickly rally the community to save their space. The commercial forces behind the FEEL Institute fight also, bringing a young movie star to town to help make their case. The school board meeting turns into a circus where the fate of the Bread Factory hangs in the balance. A BREAD FACTORY, PART TWO: WALK WITH ME A WHILE A community arts center rehearses the ancient Greek play, HECUBA. But the real theatrics are outside the theater where the small town is being invaded by bizarre tourists and mysterious tech start-up workers. Checkford hasn’t been the same since the school board meeting. Mysteriously, the reporter who runs the local newspaper disappears. Bizarre tourists start to show up, then come mysterious tech start-up workers. With all the new people, real estate is booming. Amidst all these distractions, Dorothea and Greta try to continue their work. They are rehearsing a production of HECUBA by Euripides. On the day they open the play, Dorothea gets the news that the Bread Factory will lose an essential piece of their funding. The beautiful opening night performance of HECUBA plays to a tiny audience. Brokenhearted, Dorothea and Greta must decide whether to give up their work at the Bread Factory because their community and support has disappeared, or to continue in their struggle to build community through art.