Finishing School

Event Picture
Date: Feb 2 - Feb 3
Venue: Lincoln Community Playhouse
Location: 2500 S 56th Street
Ticket Price: TBA
Time: TBA
Phone: (402) 489-7529

The oldest resident of an upscale assisted living facility befriends one of the youngest, and they meet for a daily ritual: reading obits ("the senior citizen's sports page"). Wizzer gives Al helpful advice about life among the elders; "Never get between old people and a grocery store sheet cake. You will pull back a nub." Their days get interesting when two women shake up the dynamic between Al and Wizzer. A comedy by Elaine Liner SEASON MEMBER RESERVATIONS - January 2, 2019 GENERAL PUBLIC TICKETS - January 7, 2019 Finishing School Winter Comedy Festival February 2-3, 2019