SINGO at the Raven

Event Picture
Date: Nov 14
Venue: The Happy Raven
Location: 122 N. 11th Street
Ticket Price: Free to Play
Time: 7pm
Phone: (402) 742-0004

Starting May 9, every Wednesday night is SINGO night! SINGO is a free, fun game that combines your favorite tunes with a good ol' Bingo twist. Listen for song clips, and mark off the song title on your card. Three rounds of clips means three ways to win. In regular SINGO, get one line of titles to win. In Double SINGO, get two different lines on the same card to win. In Blackout SINGO, mark off every single title on your card. With an extensive music catalog, you'll be sure to hear songs from plenty of decades and genres. Grab a beer, put on your listening ears and start winning some sweet swag. PLUS Winners get to pick the musical theme for the next week!