Board Game Night with Kane Click

Event Picture
Date: May 17
Venue: Indigo Bridge Books & Cafe
Location: 701 P Street, Suite 102
Ticket Price: Free
Time: 6-8pm
Phone: (402) 477-7770

Local game designer Kane Click will be in store to present his latest release from Rio Grande Games, Coal Country! Come play the game with other enthusiasts and learn strategies from the person who created it! Coal Country is rife with corruption, with the many mine foremen "influencing" various aspects of the mining industry in a number of ways. As the boss of your mining company, it's your job to sit at your desk and plot where to send your most influential foremen. By successfully influencing the price of coal, permits, utilities, and construction, your company can expand and boost the profitability of its operations. Your job as boss is made all the more difficult by the ever-shifting nature of the markets, from turn to turn, round to round, and game to game. It is your responsibility to determine when — and how — to act in order to capitalize on a potentially beneficial marketplace. If your mine is not built wisely and safely, a share of your company's profits will be lost after the end-of-year visit from the mine inspector. The mining company that has the most money at the end of the year wins.