Comedian Davey Wester

Event Picture
Date: Feb 11
Venue: The Zoo Bar
Location: 136 N. 14th Street
Ticket Price: $5
Time: 7-8:30pm
Phone: (323) 872-3283

Davey Wester was born in Minnesota and raised in Ephrata, Washington... population 6808. Chosen as a regular at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood by the legendary Mitzi Shore, Davey is a unique presence in today's comedy scene. He brings an honesty to the stage which everyone can relate to, and his performances are sure to stay with the audience long after his performance. Davey has appeared on Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank, America's Got Talent, CMT, and several Death Squad podcasts. He has performed with many of today's top comedians including Joe Rogan, Bret Ernst, Ian Edwards, Joe and Russell Peters. Featuring: Scott Shaffer There’s a reason Scott Shaffer is a booking favorite in every room of his hometown, Kansas City. Delivering a consistently dynamic performance of quick wit coupled with intelligent writing, Shaffer is an undeniable crowd favorite. Scott was awarded second place in the St. Louis Make Me Laugh Comedy Contest and won the Last Laffs Comedy Competition. In 2015 he performed at the Oddball Comedy Festival and has also appeared on The Benson Interruption. with Brad Stewart & Jake Gardner $5 Free High Fives