Shrek The Musical JR.

Event Picture
Date: Nov 17 - Nov 18
Venue: Christ Lutheran Church
Location: 4325 Sumner St.
Ticket Price: $15 General
Time: 7pm Fri., 2pm & 7pm Sat.
Phone: (402) 202-1087

Audience members must be at least 4 years of age. Please note that the larger roles have been double cast. GREEN CAST - THURSDAY NIGHT & SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Logan Crist, Claire Ehlers, Krista Andersen, Xander Baker, Ellyson Stolcpart, Kara Linder, Mayah Stolcpart BLUE CAST - FRIDAY NIGHT & SATURDAY NIGHT: Ian Paup, Alexis Crist, Wyat Daake, Trey Erlandson, Regan Wiseman, Hannah Payne, Dasha Muller