Event Picture
Date: Aug 11 - Aug 17
Venue: Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center
Location: 313 N. 13th Street
Time: Showtimes for the upcoming week are published on Tuesdays. Please check back for additional times as they are added.
Phone: (402) 472-5353

Opening at The Ross on Friday, August 11, 13 MINUTES explores an oft-neglected corner of World War II history with just enough craft and narrative momentum to offset a disappointing lack of subtlety. The Friends of The Ross are presenting a Movie Talk discussion with H. Peter Reinkordt (Professor of German, Emeritus, Doane College) following the 12:30 p.m. screening of 13 MINUTES on Sunday, August 13. Details at [13 MINUTES} Tells a fascinating but inevitably grim story, both more interesting and more downbeat than one might anticipate. –Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times While not as powerful as the brilliant Downfall, which chronicled Hitler's final days, 13 MINUTES is definitely a story worth telling, and intriguingly timed. –Claudia Puig, TheWrap A genuine achievement on an inexhaustible subject. –Glenn Kenny, 13 MINUTES is showing at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center on Friday, August 11 through Thursday, August 17. Show times are available at, by consulting your newspaper, or by calling the MRRMAC film information line at 402.472.5353. The Motion Picture Association of America has rated 13 MINUTES R (for disturbing violence and some sexuality). This program is being presented with the support of the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment. During Hitler's anniversary speech on November 8, 1939, a man is arrested on the Swiss border for possession of suspicious objects. Just minutes later, a bomb explodes in the Munich Bürgerbräukeller, immediately behind the Führer's lectern, killing eight people. The man is Georg Elser (Christian Friedel), a carpenter from Königsbronn in the Swabia region. When a map of the site of the assault and detonators are found on him, he is sent to the head of the Criminal Police in the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, Arthur Nebe (Burghart Klaussner) and the head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Müller (Johann von Bülow) to be questioned. From them, Elser learns that his attempt has failed — that the man he wanted to kill in order to stop the bloodshed of the World War that had just begun, has left the Bürgerbräukeller 13 MINUTES before the explosion. For days, Elser is interrogated by Nebe and Müller, for days, he holds out against their questions. Until he finally confesses and relates the story of his deed. Thus, Elser remembers how National Socialism slowly metastasised in his home village. How he attempted to oppose it, together with his best friend Josef Schurr (David Zimmerschied) and a few others. How he met Elsa (Katharina Schüttler), fell in love with her, but because of his plans had to turn away from her, his friends and his family. And how, finally, he acted: How he built the bomb, and installed it at the site in long nights of work.